Using this site

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Registered Users

There are advantages in registering as a user for this site. For one thing you can be kept informed about developments in the site.
We use three levels of access for our registered users:
• Basic,
• Submitter,
• Administrator


Registered users who are not in the data or who have not provided sufficient information for us to identify where they "fit" in the data have general, basic access.
• They will be able to use the relationship calculator to identify the relationship of any two people. They will be able to set a default person for calculating relationships.
• They will not have to pass the reCaptcha check to prove that they are a living person and not a robot.


Submitters are people in the data (or whose ancestor is in the data) and who can therefore
• be allocated to a Branch
• may be given access to details about living people in that branch
• can propose edits (subject to review by an adminsitrator) directly into a person's or family's file - select Contributing/Submitters in the menu above or click here.
• may be able to download a GEDCOM file or PDF file

Submitters will see their relationship to the person being viewed (unless they change the default person). There is a separate entry about submitters here.


Administrators can do just about anything! They are the only registerd user with access to information marked as Private.