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Roys in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Map showing where Sam and Ag Roy and their descendants lived in Cairns

The following map and table indicate where various Roy families lived in Cairns, Queensland, Australia from 1923. You should click on the "View Larger Map" to see the key for each location.

Cairns has a population (2016) of 150,000 and as such is one of the largest British-settled tropical cities in the world (along with other Australian cities Townsville and Darwin). It is the business centre for Far North Queensland and Cape York peninsula, and an international tourist mecca with a wide range of attractions for tourists - Great Barrier Reef, tropical rainforests, Atherton Tablelands, Chillagoe caves, aboriginal displays, white-water rafting, etc.

1 104 McLeod St

104 McLeod Street was on two blocks of land, with a large mango tree on the right hand block as you face the picture - Sam and Agnes Roy and children lived here 1923/4-1949?

This photo was taken in the early 1930's. The house no longer exists and, as you can see from the map, the area is now part of the Cairns CBD.

2 102 Cairns St

102 Cairns Street, North Cairns - Maurie and May Roy and children - 1942-1950. When May took terminally ill, the family moved to the grandparents (Sam and Agnes Roy) at 5 Moody Street [below], where Maurie added a two room extension and carport. Check out the article Mum.
The photo was taken about 2001 - it has now been elevated and built-in underneath.

3 5 Moody St

5 Moody Street, West Cairns (now Manunda) - Sam and Agnes Roy, with Peg (whose house it was) - 1949?-19?? Moody's cane farm was on the other side of the street.
From 1950/51-1955 Maurie, with children Bruce, George and Marilyn, lived in extensions built by Maurie following the death of May in 1951. From 1956 the three children attended boarding school in Charters Towers.
Hard to get a good impression from this photo, which was taken after new owners added a brick front and extended to the right.

4 5 Moody St

45 Morehead Street (corner Lazarus Street), Bungalow - Maurie & Rose Roy - c.1956 until 2013. It was home for Bruce, George, Marilyn and Nicky whilst at boarding school in Charters Towers.
[See the notes on Trinity Beach below about the design.]


16 Glenlea St, Edge Hill - Tom and Phyl Roy and their children lived here (1940?-1956) - two doors from brother Gus.
They moved to Trinity Beach esplanade (see below) and then to Mareeba, west of Cairns.

Photo taken August 2004 - too much greenery to get a clear photo. That's Anne who lived there.


12 Glenlea St, Edge Hill - Gus and Jacq Roy and three of their children (1946?-1952) lived two doors from brother Tom.
Subsequently moved to Brisbane in 1952 and had four more children. They moved to Hendra, Brisbane, on 1 Jan 1958.

Photo taken August 2004

Trinity Beach

Tom and Phyl Roy's place on the Trinity Beach esplanade. Trinity Beach is one of the northern beaches of Cairns. The house was built in 1956-57 while they lived in temporary accommodation in the back yard. They never actually lived in the house itself but sold it and moved to Mareeba in 1957. It is looking a bit the worse for wear in this picture taken in 2002. Tom designed this and it is the same basic design used for 45 Morehead Street (see above). It has since been demolished and the site developed.

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